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Psychotherapy - Find Help with Transitions, Depression and Anxiety

Why Psychotherapy? / My Approach

People often seek therapy when they feel stuck in their relationships or pain, and they want to make sense of their interactions and achieve a better quality of life. There are many factors, often outside of our awareness, that influence us and impact how we relate to others. 

Therapy can provide a path to understanding and relief from symptoms that get in the way of a happier, more emotionally satisfying life. Therapy might be for you if you are curious about yourself and how you process and adapt to changes, transitions and unexpected turns in your life's course. Therapy requires willingness and courage to open up to yourself, and offers the possibility of lasting changes in your relationships, behavior and sense of self.

As you and your therapist look together at how you react to the obstacles and difficulties you face, you may begin to gain a different perspective of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Once you gain insight into the way you have been responding to life's unpredictable, sometimes bumpy road, you can explore fresh ways of dealing with challenges through a healthier self image and a deeper understanding of who you are.

My Approach

I believe people can change and heal their relationships that feel unsatisfactory. My goal is for you to realize improved relationships, confidence, self acceptance and enhanced self esteem.

I work through a psychodynamic, or insight oriented, perspective by helping people look within themselves to identify unhealthy patterns and potential conflicts that can hinder a robust self. As difficulties are uncovered, the healing process can begin through self-understanding, awareness and self-fulfillment. We'll also consider possible resolutions to specific problems you are facing.

The psychotherapy relationship can provide a supportive and non-critical environment in which it feels safe to explore your inner world, gain understanding about yourself and your patterns, and to develop new ways of coping with problems and relating to others. With compassion, humor and curiosity, I am committed to helping you achieve a more fulfilling life.